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Cute Naturals

Real tits, hot girls & rock 'n' roll!

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CUTE NATURALS is a LiveJournal community for woman and men who love 100% natural bodies (especially breasts!). This is a community where anything goes: pictures, stories, general ramblings or looking for love. With the general rules of being polite, open-minded, and respecting each other, this club was designed for Natural lovers!
If you are interested in being a part of Cute Naturals you must apply to the rules and verify your age and agree to the terms below:

- You must be 18 years of age by the time you submit or post any pictures of yourself.
- You must have your REAL age on your LJ or proof of age.
- All girls applying for Cute Naturals must have natural breasts. NO FAKES!!! No exceptions!
- You do not have to have massively large breasts to join this group. All women are welcome to submit pictures! What determines if you are accepted or not is based on various aspects of your appearance and your personality.
o Are you cute or have a “girl next door” look about you?
o Are you open minded to sex & being the object of sexual attention?
o Do your breasts look real and compliment what this group is all about?
o Are you a "real girl" – not just some smutty cam girl who is trying to get guys to buy you things & advertise for yourself (i.e.: don’t try to play me! If you have a website and want to advertise then you may with my permission but don’t join this group in hopes to just do that. I want real girls who want more to do with a group than just sell herself!)
o ..and the big one: Are you a Cute Natural?

That's it! If you feel like all of the above describes you and what you're all about - then come join!

About the owner/ moderator:
My name is *Mischa and I am the girl behind Dirrrty.org. I’m 19 year old, originally from NY but have live in CA most of my life. I’m very educated, graduated high school in the top percent of my class and attend college here in CA. I have always been very busty – at the age of 14 I was already a C cup. By the time I hit DD’s I knew I had something special with my breasts and could wait till I could show the world my pretty natural breasts.

April 1, 2004 (9 days before my 19th birthday) I purchased Dirrrty.org to start my journey in my new found sexuality. Since then I have developed the site all on my own, and with the help of a few computer savvy friends Dirrrty.org is now my great success and it’s been bringing in some nice $$$

If you wish to join Cute Naturals you must write me a short summary to why you love big natural breasts. There is no certain length that you letter or story must be but because it will be read by me (and if accepted) it will be posted for all others to see I’d advise you to follow a few guidelines:

- Use spell and grammar check. Yes, we all make mistakes but we should all try our hardest not to.
- Please keep profanity and immature content to a minimum. Why? Well, by writing this letter to me you are initially making your first impression on me & the girls. So, make it a good one!
- Be creative, honest, sexy and clever. Don’t hold back (we all love them!)

If you’re a true fan of the “breast” there is no reason why you shouldn’t be accepted!